February 13, 2022

It had to happen sometime. One of my most shameful adolescent acts has come to light, prompted by a seemingly innocent opportunity to share a “favorite library memory.”

I don’t know why I suddenly spilled the beans. Perhaps I was confident that the librarian in the story must have since retired. But now I’m worried. Is it true that librarians, when they remove their glasses and let down their hair, are vengeful beings with superpowers?

If you happen to click the image and explore the link, let me know if you can offer a good place to hide.

4 Responses to “Confession”

  1. For shame, Sam! For shame!

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    Somewhere, Jane Austen was very happy. “She belongs with me” was obviously your feeling. You stole her away from her chillier kin and kept her with you.

    I’ve been guilty of doing the same with Jules Verne (The Mysterious Island) (my high school library). Still have.




    I’m charmed by the keeping Elizabeth Bennet, or Jane Austen. With you, you must have decided, was where she needed to be, not on a chilly library shelf, amongst surely-unworthy rivals. Clearly it wasn’t about the elegant look of the book: a lumpy library-issue teal cover for Pride and Prejudice? (If they thought so little of her, you might have reasoned, why, you’d have to save her?)

    I once did the same with/for Jules Verne (The Mysterious Island) (high school library in the middle of Kansas, middle of the United States). I still have that brilliant orange thick library-binding copy. He had to be mine.


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