Celebrating Death?

May 3, 2011

If we’re done chanting “USA! USA!” in response to the death of Osama bin Laden—as Phillies fans did during an otherwise frustrating game Sunday night—maybe it’s time to do some serious reflection, as Annette John-Hall does in her column in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. “I simply can’t celebrate death,” she writes, “even if it’s the demise of a despot who orchestrated the deaths of so many innocent people.”

Revenge tastes good but is less filling.

2 Responses to “Celebrating Death?”

  1. Sand Says:

    I would not like to be him on the other side, but I would have preferred for him to die forgotten.


    • Sam Gridley Says:

      That would be the ultimate punishment for a guy like bin Laden: to be ignored and forgotten. Unfortunately, he’s made too much of a mark on U.S. society for us to forget him; he’ll be in our history books forever, or at least until the early 21st century gets reduced to a single sentence. We can hope, though, that he’ll be no more than a footnote in the history of the Middle East and central Asia.


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